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Their unique design takes up very little space on your grates. They produce great smoke during cold smoking and at cooking temps.

* Smoke Generator creates clean, "Creosote Free" smoke!
* Cold Smoke Meat, Fish, Cheese, Nuts and More!
* Hot Smoke your favorite foods -
See FAQ's for more information
* Constructed of Stainless Steel - Durable and will not rust
* Small, light and portable
* Can be used in a smoker or grill
* No holes to drill
* No cords to plug in

Grilling is the perfect confluence of art and science, engineering and craft, mind and spatula.  

Since the first dawn of MAN, there has been honor and responsibility in providing for one's family. In order to truly appreciate this honor, all men must abide by the code that comes with it. This code is known as MAN LAW® .


Grilling, thus, requires the proper tools. Tools crafted and honored with the care of a surgeon operating on his fantasy team's QB. Tools, that blessing with long ago distinguished MAN from animal.

Before MAN LAW® BBQ Tools, there was a niche that went completely untouched in the outdoor living category. There had never been a product line that adapted humor into the high quality BBQ utensils. The product line is very giftable so it is not limited to men alone.

MAN LAW® BBQ Tools and Accessories are the highest quality BBQ products available. PERIOD. These BBQ products are designed by men, for men. Every Tool with the MAN LAW® name is constructed with heavy duty materials. Each BBQ Tool is an oversized, heavy weight utensil with large, sturdy handles.

Mannaise Macho Mayo
This smoky, spicy spread tastes great on your favorite sandwiches, or enjoy it as a dip. It is a flaovr exploding mouth full of heat with enough spice to put some hair on your chest

Barbecue Rub
The original Traeger rub! Still a winner-providing a sweet spiciness with a hint of smoke flavor characteristics.

Beef Rub
A course ground blend of fresh spices, including dill and garlic. Does beef good!

Blackened Saskatchewan
From Maple Leaf country comes a savory blend of spices that liven up beef, game, and poultry.

Chicken Rub
Here chickie, chickie! A combination of fresh pepper, black and chili pepper, and a hint of annatto brings true barbecued chicken flavor.

Prime Rib Rub
Robust seasonings with a good garlic base provide the perfect seasoning for restaurant quality prime rib.

Souvlaki Seasoning
Inspired by the Mediterranean, this Greek blend of spices is excellent on lamb, vegetables and chicken.

Sweet Rub
Excellent on pork, chicken, and lamb. A spicy, fruity blend of seasonings that is truly magical.

Beef Shake
Lighter than our Beef Rub. This shake includes garlic, onion and as a surprise-natural lemon flavoring. Truly wonderful on steaks and smaller cuts of beef.

Cajun Shake
Good heat without blowing the top of your head off. Pepper, garlic and other seasonings bring out true Bayou flavor.

Pork/Poultry Shake
A very versatile shake. Coriander, thyme and turmeric add their flavor profiles to enhance the delicate flavors of pork and poultry cuts.

Salmon Shake
Not just for salmon anymore. This shake can easily find its home on beef, pork and chicken.


Grill In Grill Out is one of our most popular and best flavored seasoning shakers! Grill In Grill Out adds a fantastic natural outdoor charcoal flavor to any meat! Add that special grill flavor to food you cook inside, or add even more flavor to your meat grilled outside.

This blend creates its own meaty, full flavored au jus.

Walton's Old West
Spice up any wild game meats to add that extra flavor.

Savory flavors with hints of apple, cinnamon and butter. Very nice for slow roasted pork roast.

Smokehouse BBQ Seasoning & Rub
Rub gives you that BBQ taste of the smokehouse.

Ultimate Steak and Roast Rub
One of Excalibur best selling rubs try it on your steak today.


Bad Byron's Butt Rub This authentic Texas-style barbecue rub is sure to have them coming back for seconds. The Bad Byron's Butt Rub offers a smoky, authentic flavor to steaks, chicken, pork, and ribs. Ideal for pork butt, this blend of spices includes black pepper, paprika, and chipotle powder for a special kick to any dish. This rub has no MSG, and is great on seafood and vegetables.


Our most popular sauce by far! Wonderful fruit flavor which enhances pork, chicken, whitefish. Caution! This sauce is highly addictive!

Get the warmth of chili flavor without the volcano effect. Zesty and flavorful. You'll find this sauce compliments just about every type of meat, poultry and seafood.

Carne Asada
A South of the border favorite, great with beef.

Honey Bourbon
Full of flavor. We’ve combined the richness of honey with the smoothness of bourbon to create this one-of-a-kind sauce.

The exotic Far East meets West. Sweet and hot. Just right for that Oriental flair. If you enjoy our Apricot sauce, you'll love this one.
Our original sauce. A good, basic sauce with rich flavor. A departure from traditional tomato based sauces.

Texas Spicy
If you love ribs, you'll definitely want to use this sauce. The first tomato based sauce to receive our stamp of approval. There's a nice zing to this sauce.

The Original
This is our mild sauce.
Goes well with almost anything!We've used it on all types of meats, mashed
potatoes, baked beans, meat loaf.

Just a hint of heat.
If you like a little spice but not a lot of heat, this sauce is for you.
Add to any recipe to get a little "zip"!

Sweet Fire
Hottest sauce we offer!
"The more you eat, the hotter it gets!"
Taste the great flavor - then watch for the heat!


Not unlike the time of day when the sun and the moon share the sky, Salsa Del Rio is perched precariously between relentless heat and refreshing cool. An intriguing, enigmatic balance that flows together as gracefully as its name. Allowing even the mildest of heart to flirt with fire, without the threat of getting burned.


Surrender to the smooth, sultry rhythm that sways the soul. A heady harmony of black beans, tomatoes, sweet green peppers, chipotles, and jalapeños.


From beyond the horizon comes Chile Con Queso….A feat for the senses where red and green chile entwine with golden cheddar, and the celebration never ends………Bask in the glow….There’s nothing else like it under the sun…..


Bobby Lee's has it all from Meat racks to Thermometers. 

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